Creative History

I'm a versatile create, within using Illustration at times but I also like to mix it up a bit and create other pieces of work such as visual manipulations in Polyvore, Watercolour painting, Fabric sampling, Garment making and occasionally practice my interest in Photography through the uses of four lenses for my Iphone. 

Since I can remember I've been developing my drawing skills, doodles on card from food boxes and random sheets of paper, being critiqued from my Grandad on how to push my skills. I get my talent from my family, both sides very smart and practical people. My Grandads both could play musical instruments, their careers were dedicated to their passions. My mum is my biggest inspiration, not only in life but in her sense of style from her earlier years. Her style and fashion in general has been a big influence on finding my own personal style.

In secondary school I took Art, Textiles and Graphic Design, from year 7 to year 11, all very creative and practical in their own way. Taking these I was able to develop and continue to expanding my interests, never really keeping to one thing, but I've always been able to be excellent in any field I choose to use for a piece of work and execute it with justice. Like all people I mess up sometimes, but I'm always able to achieve the desired look of a piece of work... After starting again.

In 2015 I finished my Sub Diploma Level 3 in Art & Design (2 year) course, in a Fashion & Textiles pathway with a D*D*D*. Following this course, in the September I started a Foundation Level 3/4 Art and Design course, which I finished at the end of May 2016 with a Merit grade.
 Both courses exposed me to discover various artists in multiple fields of creativity, which helped me explore and produce experience in different Medias.

In September 2016 I started studying BA (Hons) Fashion at 'Arts University Bournemouth'.
We have the opportunity to choose the Pathway we'd like to specialise in and which will help aim to the Job we hope to get after our Degrees. I chose Fashion Image and Communication which is in the process of  becoming it's out separate course, which will help us have more freedom and exploration on this course.

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