Thursday, 22 June 2017

Where have I been??

Hey Dreamers,

So a lot has happened since I've been away, been busy with University and trying to get in the rhythm of working well in the time I have,

I'm currently on my Summer break, finished my First Year, (which is still weird to say) and I'm planning to go head first into my Blogging as I really want this to become more than just a somewhat Online Diary to Myself. Which feels that way sometimes but I'm properly striving to get a good 2-3 blog post's in a week,

I'm also currently saving for a MacBook to help with my studies in 2nd Year, which I think is going to go really well and work more with my strengths and the direction I want to go to go in for the Future!! I think the having a Macbook will also benefit my creative outlets and how I've definitely grown to want to use Mac's in Uni more rather than the Dell Computers.

I've recently added the Blogger and Blog Manager app's back to my Phone is that it's available to me when I'm out and about or even just chilling with a Beverage in Costa!

Anyways I'm just rambling now guys, feel free to message me or comment. Do expect to see a few more style, lifestyle, updates, monthly favourites and personal type posts in the near future...

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