Saturday, 17 September 2016

September Updates 2016

Hi all,

Long time - no speak, I currently been quite busy with personal matters and all things Uni, that I've not made time to post anything on my blog, but I've decided that's about to change!!

I'm currently still living at home for Uni this year, applying for a view jobs, keeping up to date with things that matter, and completing a Uni Summer Project that I received with some info for when I start in like 3 days time. I'm customising an old shoe from my sister and i plan to use a denim, wither black or dark blue..

You can find a few photos of previous sketches/illustrations on my Facebook page and I will eventually get round to posting some of those and the final products here.

I plan to start posting when I start Uni, just in case I find my projects interesting and worth mentioning here, I may also post my Monthly favourites every now and then, not so much beauty related but anything else like Aritsts - Illustrators - Shops - Products - Music - Blogs - Magazines -Fashion lines and movements etc..

Speak soon!

Saturday, 2 July 2016

New Updates..

Hi Friends,

You can now check out some of my work in the page toolbar near the top of my blog, find a few illustrations and Photography taken with previous a Fujifilm camera and various mobiles.

Hope you like!
Rach xx

Saturday, 18 June 2016

New blog, new start...

Hey guys,

I've recently decided to create this blog, a new and interesting concept, produced for my previous and current project; whether they're college projects or independent projects.

I have made blogs in the past for my work but have fizzled out over time, so I thought seeing as I'm done and dusted with college and applying for Uni this year that it might be a good idea to start up a page dedicated to my work that I've done so far. 

-Illustrations (Both previous and current)
-Various Photography (From 2010 to current date)
-College projects (Previous work)
-Garments (Made in Previous projects)
-A variety of photos of experimentation.

I hope you will enjoy exploring the various content I've achieved through out these past years. Feel free to check out the pages above, to get a glimpse of some of my work.

Rach xx