Friday, 14 July 2017

June Favourites 2017

Hey Dreamers, 

my June Favourites have come very late this year but here they are!!
I've enjoyed putting these together and sort of reflecting on the past month and what I've been up to. I have links available for some Playlists I've created if you're at all interested in watching or listening to the things I have last June. 

I watched Wonder Women in June twice on different occasions, first with a Friend and secondly My Family. It was so amazing, and something I think us Women can really be inspired by in many ways.

Dua Lipa (Self Titled)
The 1975 (Self Titled)
Amy Winehouse (Back 2 Black) 

During the Month I went to HMV to Purchase Dua Lipa's Debut album, which felt like I waited a life time for but the album has definitely exceeded my expectations! 

I've also been wanting to purchase these other two albums for a while but not really come around to buying them, and taking advantage of the 2 for £10 offer how could I not when I found them. :)

Podcasts from Messy Heads 

The Messy Heads Podcasts on Soundcloud are really interesting to listen to  Emma and her Friends have had a few out so far discussing different topics, and I always appreciate people who take about subjects that need to be spoken about more. 

I have a Playlist called 'MESSY' already made if you want to check them out here.
The Messy Heads Full Podcast Series 

Newspaper, there's nothing wrong with finding out what's going on in the world.
Look back at a few posts on Facebook or even an old Diary, reflect on your growth and where you're still heading.
For me, I've been in the process of a few Projects of my own. One of them is to make a few Woven Wall Hangings with different coloured wool yarns. If you're interested in making some I will have a DIY post available in a week or so. 

Grab yourself a journal if you don't have one already from a shop of your choice, start to write down your thoughts and document moments to help self-growth, It can also be a good release by also using it as a Diary.

Go Charity shopping, become more fashion conscious, you never know you just might pick up a good gem.
Do a little something nice for someone whether it's a friend or family member, they'll be grateful for the thought.

Thanks for checking my first post out, I'm thinking to post maybe once or twice a week.
Feel free to like, comment and share this with your Family and Friends.



Thursday, 22 June 2017

Where have I been??

Hey Dreamers,

So a lot has happened since I've been away, been busy with University and trying to get in the rhythm of working well in the time I have,

I'm currently on my Summer break, finished my First Year, (which is still weird to say) and I'm planning to go head first into my Blogging as I really want this to become more than just a somewhat Online Diary to Myself. Which feels that way sometimes but I'm properly striving to get a good 2-3 blog post's in a week,

I'm also currently saving for a MacBook to help with my studies in 2nd Year, which I think is going to go really well and work more with my strengths and the direction I want to go to go in for the Future!! I think the having a Macbook will also benefit my creative outlets and how I've definitely grown to want to use Mac's in Uni more rather than the Dell Computers.

I've recently added the Blogger and Blog Manager app's back to my Phone is that it's available to me when I'm out and about or even just chilling with a Beverage in Costa!

Anyways I'm just rambling now guys, feel free to message me or comment. Do expect to see a few more style, lifestyle, updates, monthly favourites and personal type posts in the near future...

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Tuesday, 3 January 2017


Hi friends,

So I think I'm gunna start posting my work that I've been getting up to, but for my current work for one of the units it on --- --- because we had to make a blog on tumblr for this work...

Been really enjoying these two new units, that are Creative Drawing and Digital Application and Digital Fashion..
Expect some more creative work this year :) 

Rach xx